D&D 3.5 group in Ojai, CA.

Loosely based on Eberron and Sharn gameworlds. An original world with elements of Science Fiction, steampunk, and classic sword & sorcery D&D.

Planets: Merketli, – capital city Merkezi
Kaymetli – Dwarven mining world controlledy by Draconians
DanzEberron – capital city – New Sharn

Groups on Merketli & Kaymetli

Draconian Empire – lawful neutral ‡ evil, aligned with Drow Nation
Favored classes – monk warriors, psionic intelligence officers, psionic astromancers, bards (the draco are obsessed with art. Bards might compose and perform epic tales and memorials to famous heroes and artists. Bards might also be poets, painters, calligraphers, garden designers.

Drow Nation – lawful evil ‡ neutral
Favored classes – wizard & wizard astromacer, cleric, bard, military, archers, assassins Aligned with Draco. Cleric Order of the Blue Star (astronomers, scribes of maps and star-charts, healers, battle)

Elven Liberty & Freedom Front ELFF Chaotic neutral, anarchists
Favored classes – ranger, scout, archer & mounted archer, sorceror, rogue, druid, bard Not aligned with anyone but friends with the Thri Kreen rangers in the Hinterlands

Dwarven Underground Resistance Tabernacle (DURT) & Order of Byronox
Enemies of (& slaves of) The Draconian Empire. Enemies of Drow. No formal alignment, but friendships with Humans and Gnomes.
DURT – All alignements of dwarven fighters, miners, engineers
Order of Byronox – lawful good ‡ lawful neutral Clerical Order. Favored class: battle clerics, healers, astromancer clerics Recently the Order of Byronox has picked-up a few disaffected Human clerics as more humans align with the dwarves. They are a charitable organization and help all dwarves and most humans or gnomes.

Gnomish University of Merkezi Gnomish Horticultural Design Institute
Favored class – wizards & wizard astromancers, druids, gardener-bards, spies Neutral alignment. Neutral toward Draco Empire openly, but secret involvement with resistance movements. Occasional brokers between DURT and ELFF.

Traders’ League Loose confederation of Human commerce & craft guilds, a few smugglers, etc. Neutral toward all other races but becoming disaffected with Draco and Drow. Beginning to forge alliances with DLF and Order of Byronox.

Groups on DanzEbberon

Monster Mafia MM
various organized crime, own beggars, skycab companies, bars and run bookmaking on the Burning Ring gladiator matches.

Halfling Gangstas
Loose confederation of Halfling thieves, fences, and drug dealers.

League of Houses
Lawful conglomeration of the old money of New Sharn. The Human and Elven Houses that run government, trade, and law enforcement in New Sharn. The elven Houses have secret alliances with the ESF. The Human houses have secret alliances with the Emerald Claw.

Elven Separatist Front
No contact with any other groups. However, natural allies of ELFF if they ever meet. Secret ties with the elven members of the League of Houses.

Burning Ring
The gladiator ring. Popular Entertainment. Ostensible illegal, but everyone does it. Pay-offs to the police and League of Houses.

Secret Society of Offworlders SSOW Various offworders.
Contact with the Gnomish University of Merkezi and the Order of Byronox. Possibly infiltrated by the Draco Intelligence corps (DIC).

Explorers League
Neutral. Stellar Cartographers. Contact with the Drow Order of the Blue Star. Contact with the Gnomish University of Merkezi.

Dwarven Underground Resistance Tabernacle (DURT)
fraternal society promoting Dwarven interests and performing charitable acts & low interests loans for Dwarves. Quietly warning dwarves of New Sharn about the dwarven abductions. Recently contacted by Order of Byronox through the SSOW).

Ojai Illuminati