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New Player Introduction:

Here is some background to help you create a fun 5th level character for the game:

Planet: DanZeberron
Capital City: New Sharn

Culture & Technology:
Although most of DanZeberron is rural, primitive, and relies on horses and foot travel, the modern capital, New Sharn boasts air-ships and extremely advanced architecture.

In the City of Towers, New Sharn, the upper levels of society are literal. The rich and powerful live in fantastically high towers while the lower levels get progressively poorer, dirtier, and more dangerous. The city looks somewhat like a huge MC Escher print with complex stairs, passages, arches, and turrets that confuse and overwhelm anyone not native to New Sharn. Jokes about lost tourists abound …

In New Sharn, magic and the newly discovered art of Psionics mix freely with science and engineering. The primary mode of transport is Air Ships. Indeed, in such steep environs, regular roads would be impossible. Air ships float with Levistones, powered by Psionic crystals, and have mechanized propellers.

As the leading city of the planet, New Sharn is the center of politics, art, culture, commerce, organized crime and the black market. The politics of New Sharn are controlled by an alliance of Houses, mostly Human and Elven. These are the “old families” of New Sharn which control trade, law enforcement, and what little military the city has has. DanZeberron is a mostly peaceful planet. Resources go toward architectural advancements and commerce.

Although the League of Houses publicly disapproves, they receive tribute money from black market enterprises such as the Gladiator Games which are wildly popular even though (supposedly) illegal.

Races native to DanZeberron:
Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes are common on DanZeberron. Halflings, Orcs, and various other races also live there.
• Dwarven Fighters and Clerics have an important role to play in the upcoming adventure.

• Elves (of all types) are about to get their allegiances and loyalties tested. Lawful elves tend to appreciate the order of Sharnian society and have many bards, wizards, psions, fighters, assassins, and clerics among them. However, there is a growing elven anarchist / separatist movement popular with the wilder elves. Elven rangers, scouts, druids, and sorcerers may feel strongly attracted to the Anarchist/Separatist movement (but only an elf would know that).
• Gnomish Wizards and Gardeners (ask if you’re curious) may also have important roles. Gnomes native to New Sharn often feel drawn to the Wizard’s path. Forest Gnomes often become Druids.

• Halflings tend toward larceny and drug dealing, although some of them are honest traders. Troupes of Halfling Acrobats are popular half-time entertainment at the Gladiator Games.

• Humans have no penchant for any particular class … they choose quite freely according to their natures.

• If you are big and strong and none too bright you might be a fighter in the Gladiator Games
• If you like the experimental … Warforged is a new race of sentient humanoid constructs.

Alien Races:
You also have an option to play either Drow, or Draco characters These 2 races are part of a secret plot of which the party is only slightly aware. So mums the word!

If you want to play a Drow or Draco, please e-mail for additional background.
• Drow & Draco are generally “bad guys”
• They could play as spies, double-agents, or outlaws/fugitives disenfranchised from their own people …
• Drow would tend to be assassins, wizards, or clerics
• Draco are a race indigenous to this campaign
(basic humanoid with draconic and psionic racial traits.)
• Draco tend to be monks, psionic warriors, psions, or bards. Draco culture celebrates War and Art (think Klingons + Feudal Japan with some high-powered psionics and a penchant for intrigue, spying, secret plots, flower arranging, Art Gardens, and poetry). All Draco start as first-level monks but they can choose any class thereafter.
• Both Drow and Draco societies are Lawful Evil, however, individual characters may choose any alignment.

DanZeberron is an original world, loosely based-on the Eberron campaign setting (see what you can find online if you have never played it). It also draws elements from the anime series Escaflowne and Dave Duncan books.

SPECIAL CLASSES & RACES unique to this campaign:
Allows interplanetary and interstellar travel basic class: Wizard, Cleric, Psion (ask for character modifications for Astromancer)
Sky Cab Pilot
The party already has one … but ASK if you are interested in the class skills required to be a Pilot. Base character could be Rogue, Monk, Bard, etc. Pilot is a PROFESSION but requires certain skill ranks.

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